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Worldcoin Supply Will Drop 20% on Oct. 24 — Time to Buy WLD Tokens…

Key Takeaways:

  • Worldcoin will cut its WLD supply by 20% on Oct 24.
  • The Orb operators will get rewards in WLD instead of USDC.
  • On-chain metrics show no network growth.
Worldcoin Supply Will Drop 20% on Oct. 24 — Time to Buy WLD Tokens?

YEREVAN ( — Worldcoin will reduce the circulating supply of its WLD tokens by up to 25 million on Oct. 24.

Why is Worldcoin Cutting WLD Supply by 20%?

Worldcoin will renew its loan agreements with market makers on Oct. 24.

Notably, the biometric cryptocurrency project granted five non-US market makers 100 million WLD to ensure liquidity across centralized exchanges. Per the original deal, Worldcoin should receive the funds back by Oct. 24, but it now plans to extend the loan agreement until Dec. 15, with a reduced loan amount of 75 million WLD in total.

Worldcoin circulating supply at 134 million coins. Source:
Worldcoin circulating supply at 134 million coins. Source:

That leaves market makers with 25 million WLD in outstanding loan. They can either pay Worldcoin in the native tokens or — alternatively — may decide to purchase any amount of WLD tokens up to the returnable loan amount.

Simply put, market makers can take up to 25 million WLD tokens out of active circulation, boosting its upside prospects in spot markets if the demand increases simultaneously.

Buy WLD on Supply Crunch? Nah

According to on-chain data provider Santiment, the number of Worldcoin’s 7-day and 30-day active addresses has been dropping since late August, suggesting muted Network activity despite the mentioned pilot program.

Worldcoin Network activity dropping. Source:
Worldcoin Network activity dropping. Source:

Moreover, the Network growth and the overall transaction count have also tanked since late July, confirming investors are reluctant to contribute to Worldcoin actively.

Absence of Network growth and tanking WLD transaction count. Source:
Absence of Network growth and tanking WLD transaction count. Source:

The WLD price peaked at over $2.50 in July but has been consolidating between $1.44 and $1.69 in October. For instance, the WLD/USD exchange rate dropped 11% to $1.5 on Oct. 23, showing investors paid no attention to supply cut news.

Worldcoin Whales Hold 94% of the Supply

The Wolrdcoin project faces increasing legal scrutiny from various regulators, and data analytics firm IntoTheBlock indicated that over 75% of current WLD investors are in a state of loss as of Oct. 23.

Additionally, 94% of the supply is concentrated in the hands of large holders, which constitutes a greater risk of market manipulation.

Worldcoin distribution. Source:
Worldcoin distribution. Source:

In conclusion, the supply cut on Oct. 24 may cause a temporary price increase. However, the Network has shown no signs of stable growth since late July and appears centralized, given the overwhelming concentration of WLD in whale pockets.

Thus, traders who want to catch the supply cut wave should exercise caution with Worldcoin.

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