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Federal Reserve’s Bombshell Announcement Sends Bitcoin Plunging

Mester Sees No Compelling Reason to Halt Liquidity Tightening

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester stated in an interview that she does not find a compelling reason to pause liquidity tightening measures. She expressed support for raising interest rates and holding them steady until the economy becomes less uncertain.

Bitcoin’s Price Dips Following Mester’s Comments

Bitcoin, which is closely tied to dollar liquidity, experienced a nearly 2% decline to $27,021 after Mester’s remarks were published. The negative impact on Bitcoin reflects the potential influence of the Fed’s decisions on the cryptocurrency market.

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Nasdaq Futures Indicate Negative Open, Dollar Index Rises

Futures linked to the tech-heavy Nasdaq index dropped by 0.38%, suggesting a negative opening on Wall Street. Meanwhile, the dollar index, which measures the greenback against major fiat currencies, rose by 0.27% to 104.40. Gold, on the other hand, remained resilient with a 0.2% increase, trading at $1,962 per ounce.

Mester Supports Another Rate Hike Amid Inflation Concerns

Mester’s endorsement of another interest rate hike aligns with the recent hawkish stance of the Federal Reserve. In response to higher-than-expected inflation and strong consumer spending data, traders have adjusted their expectations, no longer anticipating rate cuts this year and pricing in a 25 basis point hike for June.

Bitcoin’s Performance Tied to Rate Hike Expectations

Bitcoin’s year-to-date gain of over 65% was largely driven by traders’ hopes for a pause in rate hikes and potential future rate cuts. However, Mester’s comments challenge those expectations, leading to a decline in Bitcoin’s price. The cryptocurrency reached a 10-month high of $31,000 in April, benefiting from a weakening dollar.

Mester Sees Debt Ceiling Deal as Positive Development

Mester noted that the recent debt ceiling deal removes a significant source of uncertainty from the U.S. economy. This development could potentially contribute to a more stable economic environment.


Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester’s comments about the absence of a compelling reason to pause liquidity tightening had a notable impact on Bitcoin’s price, causing a temporary decline. The market sentiment turned negative as futures tied to the Nasdaq index pointed towards a lower open.

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Mester’s support for another rate hike aligns with the Fed’s hawkish stance, driven by concerns over rising inflation. Traders’ expectations of rate cuts have shifted, impacting Bitcoin’s performance. Furthermore, Mester highlighted the positive effect of the debt ceiling deal in reducing uncertainty in the U.S. economy. These developments highlight the interplay between central bank decisions and the cryptocurrency market.

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