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Discover the Future of dApps on Venom Testnet: A Thriving Multi-Blockchain Ecosystem Awaits

The Venom Foundation recently announced the upcoming launch of its testnet, which will take place next week. As the pioneering foundation granted a license by the ADGM in Abu Dhabi to operate a blockchain, the Venom Foundation will soon offer users and developers an unparalleled opportunity to experience its blockchain ecosystem.

The testnet is meticulously crafted to cater to ecosystem users and developers alike, enabling developers to test and refine dApps and blockchain protocols while offering users a captivating experience with these applications.

The Venom team is confident that the testnet will foster innovation and community building within its ecosystem, which is crucial for sustained growth and success.

Users need to complete two straightforward steps to embark on the exciting journey of exploring the diverse dApps built on Venom.

Firstly, install the Venom wallet via a Google Chrome browser extension, or download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Secondly, claim testnet VENOM tokens to jumpstart your exploration of the Venom ecosystem.

The Venom testnet showcases various dApps, some native to the Venom ecosystem, like Venom Scan, and others developed by external projects and partners. The team has devised a series of social and on-chain tasks to enhance user engagement with the Venom Blockchain, providing users with a comprehensive experience of what Venom’s blockchain dApps offer.

Developers are invited to build on the cutting-edge asynchronous Venom blockchain, which boasts an ultra-fast speed of 100k TPS and a dynamic sharding feature that significantly improves scalability and network reliability. To facilitate this process, Venom has compiled a repository of developer documentation, equipping developers with the necessary tools and knowledge to begin creating.

To conclude, the Venom Foundation will soon launch their latest testnet, accompanied by a wide array of dApps and features, welcoming new users and developers into their thriving ecosystem to witness the groundbreaking innovations emerging from their multi-blockchain network.

To learn more, you can visit their website here.

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