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C+Charge Crypto Presale Could 10X Your Money – Next Crypto Set to Explode in 2023?

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The overall ecosystem of the C+Charge indicate a positive outcome. This eco-friendly initiative has raised $100,000 in it’s first stage of presale. We are still heavily focused around presales because it could be a good way to potentially turn 10x your money and is a good investment against the sideways boring trading that we’re seeing against Bitcoin and Ethereum right now.

The full coverage of C+Charge presale update is in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more crypto updates.

About C+Charge

C+Charge is in the process of creating a comprehensive peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system for electric vehicle charging stations that is based on blockchain technology. Users will each receive their own individual digital wallets, which they will be able to use in order to pay for electric vehicle charging with the C+Charge utility token.

C+Charge is one of the few real-world web3 applications. It can power payment solutions for charging station networks, a transparent payment system, real-time data transfer to EVSPs for quick charger diagnosis, and an index for carbon credits earned by drivers and token holders using the C+Charge network.

Top Features of C+Charge

  • Blockchain-based solution
  • Opportunity to earn carbon credits
  • Streamlined pricing display
  • Transparent payment system

Crypto-fueled Charging Stations

Today’s charging station infrastructure can’t sustain the quantity of EVs on the road. The infrastructure for EV charging and payments isn’t developed enough to support the growth needed for mainstream adoption.

There is no standard for charging clients and no standardization in charging station payment gateways. Charging station owners and EV makers get carbon credits, but drivers and owners don’t. C+Charge built a blockchain-backed solution to these real-world concerns and delivers a dynamic utility coin.

EV Charging

Transportation system has now electricity powered. C+Charge makes EV participation easy and rewarding.

C+Charge Network

Partnering with EV manufacturers, operators, and their own network to introduce crypto-powered energy.

Carbon Credits

The first EV charging system that rewards drivers with carbon credits.


C+Charge tokens have a unique utility for a real-life use case, unlike meme coins or other cryptocurrencies.

CCHG Token Presale

C+Charge has already raised $100,000 through the first stage of its presale, which is now ongoing. The cost of one CCHG is now $0.013. The benefits of  purchasing CCHG it will lower the earth’s temperature, reduce carbon emissions, carbon credits, and the chance of receiving free EV charges. Here is the guide on how to buy C+Charge token. 

Token Price

  • Public sale 1 – $0.013
  • Public sale 2 – $0.016
  • Public sale 3 – $0.020
  • Public sale 4 – $0.023

C+Charge Partnerships

C+Charge is working with many established companies in the EV space. For the C+Charge-operated stations, the team is working with Phihong to supply charging equipment. Phihong is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of charging equipment for the automotive industry’s largest names.

Update on the Altcoin Market

Currently, the altcoin market is valued at $456 billion, which is the same as it was at the bull market’s high in 2018, when we were experiencing extreme greed. Today we’re in extreme fear right now because we may either see a continuation of the current negative trend for altcoins down to the support level of $428 billion or we could see a recovery and a retest of the $600 billion level, which would be fantastic for low cap gems and especially presales.

We can see that the altcoin season index also indicates that we are solidly in a Bitcoin season, which may be ripe for altcoins to explode in the near future.


Fight Out (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

Fight Out token
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Fight Out token

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