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Can yPredict Outshine BIAO? $2 Million Presale Sparks Speculation

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YPRED is a token that works on the Polygon Matic chain. It has useful features and opportunities to earn rewards by staking it in a pool. The pool always has good liquidity because it adds to it every time someone subscribes to a new platform. This helps maintain a consistent and profitable annual percentage yield (APY).

A platform powered by artificial intelligence, yPredict, has hit a major milestone in fundraising. It has successfully raised a massive amount of $2.061 million.

The project’s presale has reached its sixth stage, leading to an increase in the price of the $YPRED token from $0.07 to $0.09.

The token is still expected to get listed on major exchanges later this year for $0.12, which would mean a 33% gain for new investors.

The yPredict project\ is gaining attention for its AI-powered crypto price prediction system. Pre-sale of its native $YPRED token has been raising money for its early development.

Due to the high demand for yPredict’s $YPRED token, investors must act quickly to avoid missing out on the presale, as it could sell out soon.

YPredict’s presale has a maximum funding limit of $6.5 million, and if the current pace continues, it could happen soon.

If investors join now, they could make gains of 33%, but there is even more potential for the $YPRED token in the long run.

Experts think yPredict’s $YPRED token and platform could be a big success as AI technology becomes more popular among traders and investors.

Jacob Crypto Bury, a YouTuber specializing in crypto start-ups and presales, sees yPredict as a great opportunity, with the potential for the $YPRED token to double or triple.

yPredict Sets a New Standard for Market Performance with its Unbeatable Edge

yPredict is creating an advanced platform for crypto research and trading. Its Litepaper mentions that it offers traders and investors AI-powered tools like signals, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis.

AI developers and quantitative analysts used state-of-the-art predictive models and data insights to build the platform.

Additionally, yPredict plans to have a marketplace called, where experts can make money by providing their own model predictions or research. Traders and investors can subscribe to these signals.

Overall, yPredict’s platform aims to give market participants a significant advantage in their trading activities.

According to their whitepaper, yPredict wants to release its analytics, repository, and marketplace platform by the end of 2023.

Unleash AI’s Potential: $YPRED Redefines Utility Tokens for the Future

In yPredict’s AI-powered trading platform, the $YPRED crypto token is the key currency. Due to the Polygon blockchain, transactions are fast, and gas fees are low.

To access the premium features of yPredict’s platform, new users will have to pay a subscription fee in $YPRED tokens.

In addition to these fees, 10% will be distributed to existing $YPRED holders. As a result, investors can earn passive income, and the market isn’t under as much pressure to sell.

Furthermore, $YPRED owners can earn passive income by staking their tokens in pools and receiving monthly rewards.

$YPRED: A Beacon of Fairness in the Presale Landscape

A public presale of yPredict will offer 80% of the 100 million tokens. Many other projects reserve a significant portion of their token supply for insiders, so analysts think this is fair.

The remaining 20% of the tokens are allocated for liquidity (10%), treasury (5%), and development (5%).

A token distribution model like this reduces the incentive for rug pulls, where developers abandon a project and take the funds.

Additionally, investors don’t have to worry about sudden drops in the token supply from insiders, which could negatively impact the price in the future, since the crypto community can buy up a lot of the supply early on.

Due to yPredict’s expected success in artificial intelligence adoption and the revival of crypto markets, investors should grab $YPRED tokens at a discount while they last.

Revolutionize AI with $YPRED: The Unparalleled Utility Token

The $YPRED crypto token runs on yPredict’s AI-powered Polygon blockchain trading platform. As a result, transactions are fast, and fees are low.

New users must pay a subscription fee in $YPRED tokens to access yPredict’s premium features.

10% of these fees will be given to existing $YPRED token holders as passive income. This encourages investors to hold onto their $YPRED tokens and reduces selling pressure in the market.

Investors can also earn monthly rewards by staking $YPRED tokens in pools in addition to passive income from fees.

Setting a New Precedent: $YPRED’s Unparalleled Fairness in Presales

During the public presale, 80% of the total token supply of 100 million will be available for purchase.

Analysts think yPredict’s presale is fair compared to other presale projects that reserve a lot of coins for insiders. 20% of the tokens are for liquidity, treasury, and development.

This token distribution model reduces the risk of a rug pull, a scam where developers abandon a project and harm investors.

Early investors don’t have to worry about sudden drops in the token supply caused by insiders that could negatively affect the price.

Due to yPredict’s expected success as AI adoption grows and crypto markets thrive, investors should grab $YPRED tokens while they’re cheap.

To acquire $YPRED tokens, investors can use cryptocurrencies such as ETH, MATIC, and BNB. For more details on how to buy, there is a helpful video guide available.


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