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Bitcoin: HODLers unperturbed despite market volatility

  • BTC holders grabbed the chance to top up portfolios amid recent discounts.
  • Ancient coins increased spending, but whales may have filled the gap.

Over the last few days, Bitcoin’s [BTC] price has been negatively impacted by the actions of external forces in the market. Despite showing strength at some point, the coin’s value decreased below the $26,000 region.

How much are 1,10,100 BTCs worth today?

However, Bitcoin investors have displayed remarkable resilience in the face of price fluctuations and market turbulence. According to Glassnode, the cohort has decided to Hold On to Dear Life (HODL) irrespective of the challenges.

At press time, the on-chain analytic platform revealed that the BTC holders’ net position change has remained positive. 

Letting go of some BTC

Based on the data above, the average accumulation rate per month hit 37,400 BTC. This implied that HODLers were unfazed by short-term antics and only focused on the long-term outcome. 

On evaluating the Bitcoin supply dynamics, Glassnode showed that there have been shifts in spending patterns, ownership structure, and average holding perspective. 

Furthermore, on-chain data disclosed that Bitcoin’s ancient supply, which decreased around Q2 and Q3 2022, was back on the rise. 

Typically, these cohorts are connected to HODLers who spend only a little fraction of BTC daily. Thus, the increase suggests that more BTC owned by this group has been spent lately.

Source: Glassnode

Gripped on the long-term impact

However, it was a contrasting scenario with recently accumulated coins. At press time, the less than six months spent young coin volume had decreased.

This metric represents the spending volume of historically younger coins while measuring on-chain transaction activity. Higher values here indicate a large degree of network participation.

But since the metric trended lower, it means that network participation had reduced. There were a few occurrences related to spending the accumulated assets as well.

The situation with the new holders of the less than three-month sect was similar. However, this group has been more active in responding to price changes than their six-month counterparts. 

Bitcoin Spent Young coin volume

Source; Glassnode

Apart from new holders showing more resilience than the old guards, whales have taken the opportunity to accumulate.

According to Santiment, these large investors quietly increased their holding by an average of 1,000 BTC since the coin price dropped by 10%.

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This means that when BTC drives the portfolio of the cohort into loss, they respond probably by moving assets. And when it’s the other way around, they tend to do the same. 

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has started stabilizing from the dump. At the time of writing, the coin hovered around $25,760. A 13.82% decrease in volume suggested that exchange outflows were not as heightened as they were earlier.

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