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Atomic Wallet Exploited, $35 Million Worth Crypto Assets Stolen

Users of Atomic Wallet were victims of a hack that cost them millions of dollars worth of cryptos. Crypto investigator ZachXBT revealed that users of the Atomic wallet lost almost $35 million in crypto.

On Twitter, Atomic Wallet stated that the cause of the attack is being looked into. However, there have been reports of lost tokens, transaction history deletion, and even theft of entire crypto portfolios.

More information about the investigation

The largest victim lost $7.95 million in Tether, according to an independent inquiry conducted by pseudonymous Twitter user ZachXBT, who is tracking stolen crypto and supporting hacked organizations. “I believe it might top $50 million. Sadly, keep discovering more victims,” said ZachXBT. Additionally, $17 million is represented by the five largest losses.

According to ZachXBT, the hack’s root cause has not yet been identified. The wallet team also addressed the community. They said an investigation was being conducted to determine the incident’s primary cause.

Atomic Wallet‘s most recent Twitter update states: “The study is currently ongoing in a collaborative effort with the top security companies. The group is investigating potential attack vectors. Nothing has been verified yet.

The team added that its support staff is gathering victim addresses and contacting exchanges and analytical companies to locate the stolen funds.

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