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Along With BlackStation, Puma Launches 3D Web3 Experience

Key Highlights:

  • “Black Station,” an enhanced web3 experience, is released by Puma.
  • Unkai, the metropolis in the sky, and Under, the club below, are the two current components of the virtual space. 
  • The company airdropped the PUMA RB tokens earlier this month, enabling owners to buy limited-edition real sneakers.

Puma, the German footwear conglomerate, introduced its 3D metaverse experience called Black Station on June 13. According to the developers, Black Station is designed as an immersive hub for product releases, providing exclusive access to Puma Pass Non-Fungible Token (NFT) holders.

While the experience is open to everyone for exploration, only those who possess RB tokens, distributed to Puma Pass holders, are able to buy a digital “Rulebreaker” sneaker and claim two digital wearables. Currently, RB tokens are priced at 0.0125 Ether. The developers emphasize that even without owning an RB token, there are still plenty of things to explore, such as Unkai, the city in the clouds, and Unter, the exhilarating club below, both filled with mysteries to discover and collect.

RB token holders have the option to burn their tokens on Black Station from June 13 to 20, granting their parent wallet access to various product releases in the metaverse. The roadmap for Black Station includes additional general events and NFT drops throughout the year, with plans for 2024 events still under development.

The Black Station experience will be available until June 23. Puma had previously expressed interest in exploring alternative blockchain platforms but ultimately decided to continue operating on Ethereum. In addition to connecting their wallets and using ETH, users also have the option to purchase digital collectibles with a credit card.

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