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A Glimpse into a Turbulent Second Half?

The evolving dynamics of the US inflation scenario, coupled with China’s recent economic developments, beckon a deeper dive. Could this confluence signal a challenging latter half of the year? Let’s unpack this.

China’s Economic Underpinnings

A Deflationary Tale: China’s GDP deflator indicates the country entered deflation in the year’s first half. This is no small event. It’s a signification reverse gear from the global economic powerhouse.

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Fundamental Indicators: For the first time in two years, July witnessed a drop in China’s CPI. Furthermore, the PPI plummeted by a notable 4.4% year-on-year. Such statistics point towards a shift in China’s economic status quo.

Currency Dynamics: The Yuan’s weakening against major currencies, especially the US Dollar, is pivotal. This exchange rate scenario positions China advantageously, making its exports attractively cheaper.

China: The Deflation Exporter: A culmination of the above factors implies that China is, in essence, “exporting” its deflation. This external dynamic has notably aided in the dip in US CPI.

US CPI: A Pendulum Swing?

Recent Trends: Although the US CPI has been on a descent since June 2022, it recently surged to 3.2% in July from 3.0% the previous month. This YoY acceleration is the first such instance since June 2022. It’s a trend shift that warrants attention.

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Underlying Factors:

Energy Prices’ Roller Coaster: A significant plunge in gasoline prices in the latter half of 2022 plays a crucial role. These reduced prices are now the benchmarks against which future YoY CPI changes will be juxtaposed. The potential for significant YoY increases looms large.

Base Effect: July 2022 is crucial. It marks the onset of the CPI’s cooling phase. Thus, with a relatively lower CPI during the latter half of 2022 as the new base, the YoY calculations will inherently report heftier increments.

The Foreseeable Horizon:

The trajectory of energy prices is crucial. Should the CL1! Breakthrough beyond the $83 mark, and should the CPI face turbulence in the upcoming months, interest rates could remain elevated. Such high-interest rates invariably strain the economy. Furthermore, this could trigger a consequential correction in the SPX.


China’s economic scenario intertwined with the US’s inflationary dynamics sketches a compelling narrative. As global economies become increasingly interconnected, ripples in one region can indeed manifest as tidal waves in another. The second half of the year appears fraught with potential economic shifts. Investors, policymakers, and market enthusiasts brace yourselves!

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